Postpartum Depression

10 - 20% of women experience postpartum depression (PPD). PPD should not be confused with "baby blues" which also presents similarly, but symptoms are milder and usually resolve after 14 days. I had not left the house except for the baby’s doctor’s appointments and honestly did not want to be bothered by anyone, including friends. I was easily angered, and whoever was in my...

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When Breastfeeding does not go as planned.

“Breastfeeding is wonderful, but it may not work out the way you envisioned. Formula is not the devil.” As a physician, breastfeeding was highly promoted throughout my education. How could I not breastfeed my baby? Breastfeeding has many benefits, such as providing protective antibodies, causing less GI upset than formula, and decreasing the risk of SIDS. Plus, breastfed...

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